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April 14, 2013
Minimally Invasive MVRepair, P2 Folding-plasty

I have posted a 5 minute video of a minimally invasive MVRepair utilizing a folding-plasty.  I truly believe that we need a “toolbox” of techniques to be able to repair valves.  Not all valves are created equally.  I personally perform 600 minimally invasive valve procedures a year and half of these are mitral valve operations. I can truly say that there is NOT one universal way to repair all valves because all valves are not created equally.  In addition, not all valves can be, or should be repaired.  The technique in this video demonstrates an alternative to a triangular or quadrangular resection of P2. The prolapsed P2 segment is inverted and the rolled edges are approximated. It is important to have primary chordae on either side of the rolled edges.  At times, when the leaflet appears very redundant, I have also added one chordae and usually anchor it to the PM papillary muscle.

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  1. Angelo LaPietra says:

    Great Video

    Angelo LaPietra, M.D. Department of Cardiac SurgeryMt. Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, Florida

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