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June 1, 2014
Cardioplegia Strategy

As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I have been getting more comfortable with using Del Nido Cardioplegia.

I have enclosed the components that we utilize.

We use a 4:1, blood: cardioplegia ratio

I believe that it has been described using a 1:4 ratio.

I usually deliver a 2 liter induction dose and then I give an additional 500cc , 45-55 minutes later.

I would recommend not giving an additional dose within 20 minutes of unclamping because I have noticed that the heart is a bit more stunned and takes longer to resume electrical activity.

1 liter of Plasmalyte or Isolyte or Normasol

Mannitol 20% 16 mL
Magnesium 2 g 4 mL
KCL 35 mEq
Sodium Bicarbonate 13 mL
Lidocaine 2% 6.5 mL

I usually end up using approximately 2 liters of this cardioplegia because I also utilize this solution to irrigate the aortic root and LV after debriding the calcium or for testing my mitral valve repair.

2 thoughts on “Cardioplegia Strategy”

  1. Grant Catlett says:

    We have been using Del Nido for over two years now in our adult population. I am curious if you started using it with a 1:4 ratio then changed to 4:1.

    1. I have never used the 1:4.
      I have always used the 4:1 and it seems to work great. I give a 2 liter initial arrest dose and feel comfortable now for up to 60-70 minutes.

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